Monday, November 2, 2009


Yeah. I know. Again. But this time I scored immediately after (A goal, Jess) so we'll call it square.

So tonight I played better ( was playing with the guys), I felt I was in except I realize that playing with the girls at the other level really does hurt me sometimes. My first touch can get sloppy because there is no need for haste when playing with them. But with the guys, it is back to normal where the first touch needs to be in the direction of the next play. I will just have to push harder when playing with the girls.

Hmmmm, although I played better, one of the more embarressing moments of my life happened. The ball went over the fence, and there was a spot to crawl under that was pulled up quite high. Well, I slide under no problem, grab the ball toss it over. Go to slide under again, get under and



My hair.

My f-ing hair is caught on the fence. It was simply nothing less than absolutely mortifying. Three guys immediately rush over to help me, I don't know which ones they are as I am stuck on my hands and knees, attached to teh fence, though I believe one was Irish because a "bloody hell" was thrown around (in English, obviously) but one of the French guys said, this is just like prison break. I really could have died. They struggled with my hair for about 1 minute (which was ETERNITY) until I said, yeah, screw this and just ripped it off, I think I left a few behind.....

As I entered the pitch again I said "ça, c'est le différence entre le foot aux garçons et aux filles, non? C'est les cheveux" (this is the difference between guys and girls soccer then eh? It's hair" Agreement was all around. I don't get embarressed very easily, but this is up there in those "crawl under a rock" (NOT a fence) moments. Though, I got back to playing and soon forgot about it. Although, as I was crawling into bed last night, I cringed at the memory...

And later, while scrimmaging, I went for challenge against the 6'6'' tall man who has a solid body...I did not fall over and I think even won the ball, but man I felt like I was playing hockey. One guy, who doesn't really speak to me all that much (or even that much in general) said "Bon joue Claire, bon joue!" I was quite surprised and but knew I would be bruising soon...aaaaaaaandI'm sorrrrrrrre. Pretty much all over, as I have also pulled my left quad. Hmmm. Futsal tourney Thursday night...wish me luck!
Song: "Love you madly" Cake


  1. Ahhh! Mon petit cheveux!! Hahaha thank you. Thank you Claire.


  2. geez
    who knew going to France would be so bruising?