Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mama said, you can't hurry conversion, no you just have to...

Lost in Conversion

My room, as you may or may not know is quite European. It has a nice window without a screen (European) and a beautiful view of a provençal town (European/French) with walls made of stone (European) and is the size of a sardine can (albeit clean but EUROPEAN). Well, in order to make it a little more homey and since all my friends and family failed me (I received ZERO pictures) I decided to print off pictures to put up on my wall and add some flare (at least fifteen pieces).

So I pick them and cannot wait to have them up on my wall. I go to fnac to print them off one day before class. Slightly in a hurry, and go through the motions. I pick the smallest size that is a 6x8 because they don’t need to be big and at home the smallest is always big enough.

I return two days later to pick them up. Josh is with me, I pay and go out side and open the package…..


Yeah, so 6x8. 6cm by 8cm. Equals A LOT smaller than I pictured n my mind. They are teeeeeeny. About the sixe of a wallet photo. Now because I ordered about 35 o them it isn’t a big deal. I can plaster them all over without my wall looking like my camera puked all over it. Concise, right? Neat, right?

Yeah, we’ll stick with that. Josh said that my face when I open my package will forever be engrained in his mind. I’m guessing t was funny and not because I was light up with joy or ecstasy.

So here is my wall of pictures.

And here is one with some scale. Mmmmm, scale...

Ohhhhh the metric system. Don’t ever be in a hurry when converting.


Song: "Take me Home" Phil Collins

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    P.S. I got a role in the Opera. Not the one I wanted, but a name and some lines. Love you.