Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Mitchell Group

Ok, first one!
So I am here in DC all settled in. In my apt, at my internship, and pretty much overall. Except for one thing: the wireless. We don't have wireless in my apt yet and it is a PAIN. Hopefully we'll get it this week. It is muggy and I have forgotten just how heavy the air can feel. Utah has spoiled me with the dry air and no rain. I had to rummage around in my apt drawer and find an umbrella (only one thing broken on it) in order to stay dry (ehhh, semi-dry) while I walked to work this morning.

But, this was a holiday weekend and I went up to visit Jess. Jess, if you don't know is my God-sister. Yes. She lives in Lebanon, NJ with husband Scott and children Connor and Avery. Am I supposed to do background stuff like that on here? I don't know.

But now I am back in DC and beginning to nest down into my summer life. I don't have a camera as mine decided to stop focusing about 2 days before I drove across the country. So I need a new camera and that also means that I won't be uploading pictures from it. BUT, TMG decided to take a staff photo and I will upload that.


KS-notice the shirt :)


  1. The guy next to the left of you looks like a happy fellow.

  2. Sounds likea fun summer! Much more fun than the one I will be having with my nose stuck in anatomy books in mp. There is nothing good about that last sentence. Have fun in the District!