Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting my Moxie

Bonjour all,
It's Thursday afternoon and I am winding down on a small project my co-worker gave me. I was calling London and France to figure out figures [:)] for a conference we're hosting. I have started to realize I really have to work my way up, and prove myself and my abilities in order to do anything substantial. That's okay, I love to prove myself. It is like being a perpetual underdog. Doesn't everyone always root for the underdog ;) We had a conference call today concerning a new proposal we are partaking in, I thought I was going to help...I still think I might. But it is unclear the extent I will be allowed or thought to be able to do. Don't worry, just keep rooting.

I spoke with another co-worker today, about life, school, and getting into a job and lifestyle that you enjoy. We basically summed it up with the fact that 79% of it is luck of the draw. Let's hope Lady Luck likes rubbing shoulders. This whole intern thing is a new world, and it's only a window at that. I KNOW I will be gone in 3 months, I don't have to worry about getting stuck, so this sphere is my playground. I am excited to begin getting actual experience, but boy, I have a hard time sitting behind a desk. I may have mentioned it in the last post, but seriously, it is on my mind everyday so you will probably hear about it a lot.

Last night the roomies and I decided to just go and walk around our neighborhood. We were going to go to this area, but got here and just kept walking. I spoke with Monika (from Slovakia) for a major part of the walk and it is SO interesting, our world. I can't wait to go out and experience more of it. I really, truly, hope to live in so many different places, I can't imagine being settled into one yet. C'est pas possible! Living in DC is hardly over yet, and I am already so thankful for everything it is teaching me. I love it, every morning Mr. Mitchell (the president) 's wife calls and we speak in French for a while and then I transfer her to her husband. It is one of my favorite times of teh day.

I might be going to gettysburg this Saturday. I need to buy a bloody camera. Until next time.
Eat dessert first, enjoy your eClaire,

P.S. there is a great greek place a little down the way from my work, and I am going to buy hommus today. YUM.

P.P.S. I always have Pandora on at work, and I am always listening to music at home, so I have decided to list what song I am listening to, eh?

Corner of your Heart by Ingrid Michaelson
(off of the station "Team Shit-show". Glasses raised in your direction)
(why not?)

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