Thursday, June 16, 2011


SO this trip, I brought along the book "Love in the time of cholera"

I am not a romantic.
 I do not wish for Prince Charming or a Fairy Tale life.
I do not want songs written about me.
I would not prefer a syrupy love that melts the heart.

But, by golly, this book has brought out the romantic in me. This book turned my mind and heart to romance and the sweet act of all things romantic.

Tragedy along with the good, all for Love!

What happened? The sea breezes and lovers words of this book have enraptured leas for the time being.
perhaps it will all burst when i return tot he US, but for now I live in a different world. aieeeeee.

Until next time, yours,
Claire Winter Gorton

P.S. Headed to London in T-minus 30 minutes! XX

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