Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 at an end

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Entering into a decade where everyone will (finally) say twenty-current year instead of two thousand current year is a good feeling.  Outside of the verbal consequences of this coming year, I have many, many things to which to look forward. But I do believe I will digress right now and head over to the lost land of Nostalgia for a brief visit with old memories.

A year ago I was ROLFing it with Max and Nick either in Austria or thereabouts. It amazes me that 6 months have passes since I returned to the USA.  6 months since I turned 21(to the day). 6 months being half of my time in France. ANd what have I done since being home? Time is cruising by me and I need to kick it into gear. 

When I arrived in France, soon thereafter I created a "honey do list", a sort of checklist of things I wanted to experience while in Europe.  I am now making one for my last semester at Uni.  My last undergraduate semester of being Ute.  It dawned on me today I have been back in Utah for at least 4 months and had not been to Southern Utah once or even gone on a camping trip.  Incredible.  I've been lacking in this blog, mostly because I felt what I wanted/needed to express wasn't material for a blog.  And in comparison to what I posted int he previous year in DC et al, it felt shamefully boring.  But new beginnings and mental resignations are liberating.  Liberation is an independent process that often is of the mental sort. 

For this first bit I may be a tad, let's say, dramatically and mundanely charged whilst I learn around what this blog will revolve.  But I think my inner voice and cream filling will start to ooze and life will be so much sweeter.  So Cheers - Cheers to friends across the globe.  Cheers to family close by.  Cheers to balance.  Cheers to ice cream. Cheers to working hard for what you believe.  Cheers to 2011. 

Stay in touch folks and write your thank-you's.
Claire Winter
Geographer "Can't you wait"

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